Land and mine impacted land rehabilitation

Soil is a living source, it is biotic construct favoring net primary productivity and sustainability of all life that lives and feeds off it.

Because we at G-Tech understand the essentiality of the aforementioned, and also the impairments caused due to human activities, we have dedicated our lives to finding technology driven solutions that would best assist clients to continue exploring for opportunities that lies in the soil without fear of compromising the sustainability of future livelihoods.

Our roll planter technology is specifically designed to respond to landscapes and soil qualities that cannot allow and/or sustain the establishment and growth of vegetation, which is primary to rehabilitation, or primary to maintaining environmental quality and promotion of a healthy and sustainable biodiversity. These include, although not limited to, hill slopes and gold tailings.

In instance where qualities are passable to least allow growth, without the need to use our technology, we simply consider the normal fertilization and seeding application or approach to establishing life back into the soil.