Biofuel feedstock production and supply

The legacy of mining and the subsequent development of the South African mining industry are often simultaneous to the development of most of South Africa’s contemporary cities and townships, for instance Johannesburg Central Business District and Soweto. After studying the relation into detail, we came to an understanding that rehabilitation is not only limited to restoration of land and soil to nature or the establishment of biological control of the environment. Where the key indicators of success include the vitality, productivity and resilience of the system.

Rehabilitation extends to human use, where the primary criterion is the sustainability of that particular after-use. Which is then measured in terms of the cost and benefits of maintaining the environmental quality and capacity of the local land management to preserve or enhance the productivity of the land, according to Martin J. Haigh.

We at G-Tech have sought to encourage and promote to clients the possible use of impacted lands for energy crops production, for instance bio/renewable energy crops/feedstock. We believe that the outcome to this approach entails a significant contribution to clients and/or affected livelihoods.

We are currently conducting pilot studies in this field.